Acquaintance with others

"The others" are persons who do not know each other, foreigners. A labeling tendency that, directed towards immigrant persons, may result to increased feeling of exclusion and weakening of attempts to integration. Our objective is that of favouring interest and sensibility in regard to "the others", through knowledge of different realities about personal background of origin. Only through acquaintance, we learn to have less fear of those different from us, to shorten the distance, in order to discover those elements of likeness that can bring us close to each other. - . - Books, films, music: to deepen one's cultural knowledge of a country, of immigration and cultural interaction issues.

In this section you will find:

- Models of cultural interaction: a presentation of the various intercultural models possible.
- Immigrant communities present in city and province of Rome.
- Would you like to know about my country of origin: description of various Countries, stories   by immigrants.
- Cases of success, recounts of immigrants and of their journey of immigration.
- Books – films – music : bibliographies on Immigration and cultural interaction issues.